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Artists! It's what you've been asking for!

Welcome to the Seniors Creating Art Artists Blog, where you can now connect with fellow Seniors Creating Art Instructors to share ideas and learn about the work each of you is doing! You are all of the same team, but haven't officially met. Let's change that! Feel free to introduce yourselves, chat about things that interest you, that you feel could be helpful to other Art Instructors. We are all one big team, and with this new way to connect, we can all feel that way! Some topics that might be fun to discuss are: what is working really well for you as you interact with seniors? Do you have any fun projects that you and your students are working on? Do you have permission to post any student artwork, we'd love to see some:) This is a place to troubleshoot as well! What techniques work best to get the "nay-sayers" engaged in creating art? Have you ever had a disruptive participant? How do others handle that situation? Get to know each other, share about your interests, any art events you are a part of, or artwork for sale or galleries where your work is shown. And we'll be sure to post as well! Sharing resources, asking for your input and responding to any questions or needs. This a meant to be a POSITIVE BLOG, no criticizing or BULLYING, but why would we do that anyway, we are a TEAM! Thank you for being on our team of Art Instructors!

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I'm interested in knowing how other instructors are approaching presenting instruction where participants are unable to paint without a drawing being pre-done for them. I have done a few lessons that were not specific enough to require drawing, though a few participants faltered. The majority seem much more able and interested in participating when it's pre-drawn, and those that want to draw their own have that option. Several of the participants have limitations either physically or mentally which make drawing, establishing proportions, even seeing ...sometimes difficult for them. Just wondering how others are doing it?

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