Hosting Facilities

SCA Hosting Facilities are located throughout Washington state. Types of Hosting 
Facilities include community centers, senior centers, retirement homes, nursing
homes, and assisted living communities. There is no cost to host a SCA program
and all art instruction for nonprofit and government organizations and art supplies
are provided by SCA. To be eligible to host a program, your facility must have a
space that will comfortably fit 15 participants, one art instructor, art supplies to use
during program and tables with seating for 15. There is a wait list for funding and
as funding becomes available, hosting facilities from the wait list are contacted and
program implementation can begin. A hosting facility may purchase a SCA class at
any time and program implementation can begin immediately.

For information on purchasing a program please contact SCA or if you would like to get on the waitlist to host a SCA program,                                     to complete a Hosting Facility Appliction.