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Seniors Creating Art is an anti-racist organization.

We define being an anti-racism organization as creating an environment where all senior citizens, staff, volunteers, and associates, regardless of race or the color of their skin, know they are valued. We challenge ourselves to identify, discuss, understand and address racism and its impact, and to correct systemic racism and any resulting inequities within Seniors Creating Art. We are committed to combatting racial disparities in the United States. This includes working to achieve equitable program opportunities for all seniors, regardless of race.

Our Mission


Inspiring hope and purpose in seniors by providing access to create art.

Our mission is achieved by providing
free art classes to senior citizens.

Art classes in different mediums are taught by professional
art instructors to senior citizens in community centers,
senior centers, and other facilities that wish to
host a workshops. Senior citizens meet at a hosting facility
where the atmosphere of creativity,hope and purpose are abundant.

Seniors Creating Art (SCA) was established in 2013 in

Seattle, Washington​

Seniors Creating Art is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization
tax idetification number 46-2095281

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